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Dr. Sasan


  Dr Sasan –Mohammad Saeed

Associate professor of Pediatrics

Subspeciality in Pediatric Infectious Disease









::Mobile :00989155131530

Office :

Pediatrics Department; Emam Reza Hospital, Mashhad University of medical Sciences

Tel : +98513 – 8593045

Fax (+98513) 8591057

Private clinic: Sheikh Children Hospital (Mashhad)

E-mail :  sasanmohamad @ yahoo. Com

                 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

Date of birth:10-25-1967









Pediatric Infectious Disease (subspecialty): Shiraz university, Shiraz, Iran (2002)


Pediatrics (speciality): Mashhad university,  Iran (1999)


M.D : Mashhad University, Iran (1994)


 2 month as observer in PICU of Texas Children Hospital USA ,  (Baylor College of Medicine ) 2007

1 month as observer in Pediatric Hematology ward of MD-Anderson Cancer Center  USA ,  (University Of Texas) 2007

3 month as observer with PID group in Children Hospital of Herman –Memorial  ,  USA(University Of Texas) 2007

3 month as observer in Pediatric HIV clinic at   Children Hospital of Herman –Memorial  ,  USA ,  (University Of Texas) 2007



                                                 Honors and  Distinctions :


1:The First person in the National Board of Pediatric Infectious Disease (Tehran 2002)



2:The third person in National Board of Pediatrics (Tehran1999)


3:The First person  in the National PreBoard of Pediatrics (1999)


 4:The third person  in the National Board of General Medicine of Iran (1994).

5:The best physician award: Mashhad(2004)

6:The best physician award: Shirvan(1995)

6: The best physician award: Shahreza (1995)




Publication :papers

1 : The Prevalence Of Resistance Of Shigella isolates in Mashhad ;Medical Journal Of  Mashhad University Of Medical Sciences. 1999 ;Vol 42 ;No  64;124-28

  2: Disseminated BCG INFECTION; REPORT OF 3 CASES ;Medical Journal Of  Mashhad University Of Medical Sciences. 1999;Vol 42 ;No  65;121-27

3-Primary hyperlipidemia in children :Report of two cases;Iranian Journal Of Pediatrics. 2001 ;vol 11; no:1;

4-Exfoliative Dermatitis Uncommon and Unknown Differential Diagnosis Of  Kawasaki; Abstracts Of First Congress of pediatric Infectious Disease Society; December 2005

5- CA-MRSA in children  of Mashhad; Proceeding of the 20th international congress of pediatrics;Oct 2008 Tehran. Iran

6-  Resistance of  Group A Betahemolythic Streptococci

( GABHS) to Erythromycin by MIC in Mashhad 4th annual congress of Iranian Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society 4-5 Dec .2008

7-The efficacy of influenza vaccine for  prevention of Acute Otitis Media in infants (6-24 month ) The  annual congress of Iranian Society of Pediatrics 16-20 may 2009

8-Determination of  the inducible resistance phenotype in MRSA and CONS  in Mashhad ;  Iranian Journal Of Medical Microbiology; 2007, 3 . 25-31

9-Sasan Ms, Kafi M,  The role of Hemophilus Influenza type b in pediatric meningitis in Mashhad; Medical Journal Of  Mashhad University Of Medical Sciences ; 2009,52:3. 141-46

 10- Sasan MS, Doghaee MA. Association of henoch-schoenlein purpura with hepatitis  a. Iran J Pediatr. 2012 Dec;22(4):571-2

11: Sasan MS, Nateghi M, Bonyadi B, Aelami MH. Clinical features and long term prognosis of childhood brucellosis in northeast iran. Iran J Pediatr. 2012 Sep;22(3):319-25

12: Sasan MS. False Positive PCR for Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) in Childhood CNS Infections. Iran Red Crescent Med J. 2012 Apr;14(4):197


13: Sasan MS, Hadavi N, Afshari R, Mousavi SR, Alizadeh A, Balali-Mood M. Metal mercury poisoning in two boys initially treated for brucellosis in Mashhad, Iran. Hum Exp Toxicol. 2012 Feb;31(2):193-6.


14: Aelami MH, Qhodsi Rad MA, Sasan MS, Ghazvini K. Congenital tuberculosis presenting as ascites. Arch Iran Med. 2011 May;14(3):209-10

15: Sasan MS, Zanian FR, Birjandi B, Naderinasab M, Ejtehadi MM. Extremely high prevalence of erythromycin resistance of group a Beta hemolytic streptococci in mashhad (iran). Iran J Pediatr. 2011 Mar;21(1):126-7

16: Sasan MS, Rezagholizade F, Donyadideh N. HIV/AIDS in children Report of three cases. Medical Journal Of  Mashhad University Of Medical Sciences;2014. N0: 3. 597-601

17- Sasan MS, Donyadideh N, Alborzi A. A Case Report of Cryptococcal Meningitis. Medical Journal Of  Mashhad University Of Medical Sciences;2012. No 3. 190-194

18-Sasan Ms, Beykzadeh E,  Saeedinejat S, Deldar K, Khajedaluee M, Epidemiology of Injuries in Toddlers and Infants (6-24 Months). Medical Journal Of  Mashhad University Of Medical Sciences; 2011Vol.54, No.4. 201 - 206

19- Sasan Ms, Haji Shamsaei M, Aseptic Meningitis after MMR Vaccination in Children of Mashhad. Medical Journal Of  Mashhad University Of Medical Sciences;2007, VOL 53, NO 3;163-68

20-Sasan MS, Alborzi A, Ziyaeyan M. Epidemiology of Aseptic Meningitis in Infants Children (Shiraz- Iran ). Archives of Clinical Infectious Diseases. 2012; 7(4): 116-8


21- Sasan MS, Donyadide N, Askari E, Naderi-Nasab M. Invasive community-acquired Staphylococcus aureus among pediatric population of Eastern Iran. Iranian Journal of Microbiology 2014. 6(2):84-86.








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